Eta Research Ltd. is committed to developing the highest quality free-standing GaN wafer. With the use of self-developed HVPE equipment, Eta has successfully grown free-standing GaN wafers in 4 inch size. 

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Eta Research Ltd

Eta Research Ltd. is a high-tech company set up in April 2015. Eta focuses on growing large size high-quality GaN wafers which can be produced for an affordable price for semiconductor industries. The company has adopted self-developed HVPE as the production method for GaN wafers. Eta is located in Shanghai China and intends to become a leading company in China’s plan for the 3rd generation semiconductor industry. In the coming years, Eta plans to build the largest GaN wafer factory in the world, so as to entitle GaN wafers to become widely used in the semiconductor materials market. In terms of strategic development, with the help of quality free-standing GaN wafers, Eta intends to research and enable high-end LED, power electronics, and other devices, so as to promote long-term plan of developing the whole industry chain. 

Eta was created by and is managed by Dr. Qiming Li and Dr. Troy Baker; international senior experts in wide band-gap semiconductors. The company has built a professional R&D team, equipped with high education background and technical knowledge. In the team, over half of the total staff achieved a master or higher educational degree. 

The name Eta Research was chosen to reflect the importance of energy efficiency to the company’s products and technology. The symbol η, called eta, is used in scientific fields to represent efficiency. Eta’s corporate vision is to create and produce efficient semiconductor products through scientific learning to make a positive contribution to the development of the global semiconductor industry and promote high efficient energy conversion devices. All employees in Eta Research have been working sedulously and consistently to contribute to a better future for semiconductor industry. 

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News & Updates

As the only third-generation semiconductor enterprise in the province that won the first batch of new material products this year, Eta Research will participate in the 2022 World Manufacturing Conference at the invitation of relevant departments, during which we will deeply demonstrate our innovative products, quality services and development achievements on gallium nitride substrates, widely connect with potential customers and partners, and enhance the company's soft power and brand influence.

It is understood that the World Manufacturing Conference has been successfully held for 4 consecutive times. The 2022 World Manufacturing Conference was co sponsored by 11 ministries and commissions, including the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the People's Government of Anhui Province. With the theme of "making the world beautiful", it was opened in Hefei International Convention and Exhibition Center on September 20. Through the combination of online and offline, it held a keynote forum, exhibition, authoritative release, "six hundred" project docking The parallel forum and other 38 important activities are aimed at building an important platform for high-end exchanges, deepening cooperation and sharing win-win results in the world's manufacturing industry.

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