Eta Research Ltd. is committed to developing the highest quality free-standing GaN wafer. With the use of self-developed HVPE equipment, Eta has successfully grown free-standing GaN wafers in 4 inch size. 

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Eta Research Ltd

Eta Research Ltd. is a high-tech company set up in April 2015. Eta focuses on growing large size high-quality GaN wafers which can be produced for an affordable price for semiconductor industries. The company has adopted self-developed HVPE as the production method for GaN wafers. Eta is located in Shanghai China and intends to become a leading company in China’s plan for the 3rd generation semiconductor industry. In the coming years, Eta plans to build the largest GaN wafer factory in the world, so as to entitle GaN wafers to become widely used in the semiconductor materials market. In terms of strategic development, with the help of quality free-standing GaN wafers, Eta intends to research and enable high-end LED, power electronics, and other devices, so as to promote long-term plan of developing the whole industry chain. 

Eta was created by and is managed by Dr. Qiming Li and Dr. Troy Baker; international senior experts in wide band-gap semiconductors. The company has built a professional R&D team, equipped with high education background and technical knowledge. In the team, over half of the total staff achieved a master or higher educational degree. 

The name Eta Research was chosen to reflect the importance of energy efficiency to the company’s products and technology. The symbol η, called eta, is used in scientific fields to represent efficiency. Eta’s corporate vision is to create and produce efficient semiconductor products through scientific learning to make a positive contribution to the development of the global semiconductor industry and promote high efficient energy conversion devices. All employees in Eta Research have been working sedulously and consistently to contribute to a better future for semiconductor industry. 

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News & Updates

From June 29 to July 1, SEMICON CHINA 2023, a grand semiconductor industry event, was held in Shanghai New International Expo Center. The SEMICON China covers the whole industry chain of chip design, manufacturing, sealing and testing, equipment, materials, photovoltaic and display, and is committed to providing the industry with opportunities to understand the global industrial structure, cutting-edge technology and market trends, and promoting R&D innovation and sustainable development of the industry. The exhibition covers a record area of 90,000 square meters, with more than 1,100 exhibitors, more than 4200 booths and more than 20 simultaneous conferences and activities.

As a leading professional manufacturer of GaN substrates in the industry, ETA Research has carefully prepared for the exhibition in the exhibition hall E6-E6651, dispatched a capable team led by the company's leadership, with the sales department and the technical support department as the main body to participate in the exhibition on the spot, comprehensively publicized and displayed the company's 2-inch and 4-inch GaN free-standing substrates, and showed the independent research and development technology of HVPE equipment to the semiconductor industry. During the exhibition, ETA Research attracted many professional visitors from home and abroad to visit and consult. Visitors showed great interest in ETA Research's self-developed products. Sales and technical personnel constantly interacted with visitors, shared technology, and actively exchanged industry views with you. Eta's personnel also enthusiastically and patiently answers questions and puzzles for every visitor who comes to consult. In addition, ETA Research has conducted extensive and in-depth exchanges with upstream and downstream enterprises and investment institutions in the semiconductor industry chain from all over the country, as well as partners from Korea, Japan, Russia and Taiwan. Old and new friends have actively expressed their willingness to strengthen comprehensive cooperation with ETA Research.

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