Annual Meeting of China Semiconductor Package Test Technology

As the emerging semiconductor process technology, GaN, the third semiconductor material boasts more advantages over silicon. Meanwhile, compared with silicon power electronics, GaN has achieved functions breakthrough in terms of efficiency of power supply conversion and power density, which could be widely used in power system design, such as PFC, DC-DC, power adapter, photovoltaic inverter, solar inverter, server, communication power supply and so on. 


GaN boasts excellent breakdown property, better electronic density, speed and higher working temperature. GaN also provides high electronic mobility, which can neglect the reverse recovery time in the process of switching on or off. As a result, it can take lower power consumption and provide higher frequency of switching on or off. Low power consumption and the high junction temperature character of high brand width power device, it can reduce heat dissipating capacity. High frequency of switching on or off can reduce the application of filter and passive devices, such as transformer, capacitance, inductance and so on, so as to help designers to make better and more efficient power supply plans. Although both GaN and silicon can make high brand width power device, the cost of GaN is lower than that of SiC and it’s easier to be commercialized and widely applied.